Troubleshooting on Linux

I can’t see any fancy symbols, what’s wrong?

  • Make sure that you’ve configured gvim or your terminal emulator to use a patched font.

  • You need to set your LANG and LC_* environment variables to a UTF-8 locale (e.g. LANG=en_US.utf8). Consult your Linux distro’s documentation for information about setting these variables correctly.

  • Make sure that vim is compiled with the --with-features=big flag.

  • If you’re using rxvt-unicode make sure that it’s compiled with the --enable-unicode3 flag.

  • If you’re using xterm make sure you have told it to work with unicode. You may need -u8 command-line argument, uxterm shell wrapper that is usually shipped with xterm for this or xterm*utf8 property set to 1 or 2 in ~/.Xresources (applied with xrdb). Note that in case uxterm is used configuration is done via uxterm*… properties and not xterm*….

    In any case the only absolute requirement is launching xterm with UTF-8 locale.

The fancy symbols look a bit blurry or “off”!

  • Make sure that you have patched all variants of your font (i.e. both the regular and the bold font files).