powerline-daemon manual page


powerline-daemon [--quiet] [--socket] ( [--kill] | (
                 [--foreground] | [--replace] ) )


--quiet, -q
Without other options: do not complain about already running powerline-daemon instance. Will still exit with 1. With --kill and --replace: do not show any messages. With --foreground: ignored. Does not silence exceptions in any case.
--socket, -s
Specify socket which will be used for connecting to daemon.
--kill, -k
Kill an already running instance.
--foreground, -f
Run in the foreground (don’t daemonize).
--replace, -r
Replace an already running instance.
-h, --help
Display help and exit.


Written by Kim Silkebækken, Nikolay Pavlov, Kovid Goyal and contributors. The glyphs in the font patcher are created by Fabrizio Schiavi.

Reporting bugs

Report powerline-daemon bugs to https://github.com/powerline/powerline/issues.

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