Source code for powerline.listers.pdb

# vim:fileencoding=utf-8:noet
from __future__ import (unicode_literals, division, absolute_import, print_function)

from powerline.theme import requires_segment_info

[docs]def frame_lister(pl, segment_info, full_stack=False, maxframes=3): '''List all frames in segment_info format :param bool full_stack: If true, then all frames in the stack are listed. Normally N first frames are discarded where N is a number of frames present at the first invocation of the prompt minus one. :param int maxframes: Maximum number of frames to display. ''' if full_stack: initial_stack_length = 0 frames = segment_info['pdb'].stack else: initial_stack_length = segment_info['initial_stack_length'] frames = segment_info['pdb'].stack[initial_stack_length:] if len(frames) > maxframes: frames = frames[-maxframes:] return ( ( { 'curframe': frame[0], 'initial_stack_length': initial_stack_length, }, {} ) for frame in frames )