Window manager widgets

Awesome widget


Powerline currently only supports awesome 3.5.


The Powerline widget will spawn a shell script that runs in the background and updates the statusline with awesome-client.

Add the following to rc.lua, where {repository_root} is the absolute path to Powerline installation directory (see repository root):

package.path = package.path .. ';{repository_root}/powerline/bindings/awesome/?.lua'

Then add the powerline_widget to wibox:


Qtile widget

Add the following to ~/.config/qtile/

from import Bar
from libqtile.config import Screen
from libqtile.widget import Spacer

from powerline.bindings.qtile.widget import PowerlineTextBox

screens = [
                PowerlineTextBox(update_interval=2, side='left'),
                PowerlineTextBox(update_interval=2, side='right'),
            35 # width

lemonbar (formerly bar-aint-recursive)

To run the bar simply start the binding script:

python /path/to/powerline/bindings/lemonbar/

You can specify options to be passed to lemonbar after --, like so:

python /path/to/powerline/bindings/lemonbar/ –height 16 – -f “Source Code Pro for Powerline-9”

to run with i3, simply exec this in the i3 config file and set the --i3 switch:

exec python /path/to/powerline/bindings/lemonbar/ –i3

Running the binding in i3-mode will require i3ipc (or the outdated i3-py).

See the lemonbar documentation for more information and options.

All arguments: [--i3] [--height=PIXELS] [--interval=SECONDS]
                      [--bar-command=CMD] [--] [ARGS]…
Subscribe for i3 events.
--height PIXELS
Bar height.
--interval, -i SECONDS
Refresh interval.
--bar-command, -C CMD
Name of the lemonbar executable to use.
Extra arguments for lemonbar. Should be preceded with -- argument in order not to be confused with script own arguments.
-h, --help
Display help and exit.

I3 bar


As the patch to include background-colors in i3bar is likely not to be merged, it is recommended to instead run bar (see above). The source for i3bgbar is however still available here.

Add the following to ~/.i3/config:

bar {
    i3bar_command i3bgbar

    status_command python /path/to/powerline/bindings/i3/
    font pango:PowerlineFont 12

where i3bgbar may be replaced with the path to the custom i3bar binary and PowerlineFont is any system font with powerline support.