Window manager widgets

Awesome widget


Powerline currently only supports awesome 3.5 and 4+.


The Powerline widget will spawn a shell script that runs in the background and updates the statusline with awesome-client.

Add the following to rc.lua, where {repository_root} is the absolute path to Powerline installation directory (see repository root):

package.path = package.path .. ';{repository_root}/powerline/bindings/awesome/?.lua'

Then add the powerline_widget to wibox:

-- awesome3.5

-- awesome4+
s.mywibox:setup {
  { -- Right widgets

Qtile widget

Add the following to ~/.config/qtile/

from import Bar
from libqtile.config import Screen
from libqtile.widget import Spacer

from powerline.bindings.qtile.widget import PowerlineTextBox

screens = [
                PowerlineTextBox(update_interval=2, side='left'),
                PowerlineTextBox(update_interval=2, side='right'),
            35 # width

lemonbar (formerly bar-aint-recursive)

To run the bar simply start the binding script:

python /path/to/powerline/bindings/lemonbar/

You can specify options to be passed to lemonbar after --, like so:

python /path/to/powerline/bindings/lemonbar/ –height 16 – -f “Source Code Pro for Powerline-9”

to run with i3, simply exec this in the i3 config file and set the --i3 switch:

exec python /path/to/powerline/bindings/lemonbar/ –i3

Running the binding in i3-mode will require i3ipc (or the outdated i3-py).

See the lemonbar documentation for more information and options.

All arguments: [--i3] [--height=PIXELS] [--interval=SECONDS]
                      [--bar-command=CMD] [--] [ARGS]…
Subscribe for i3 events.
--height PIXELS
Bar height.
--interval, -i SECONDS
Refresh interval.
--bar-command, -C CMD
Name of the lemonbar executable to use.
Extra arguments for lemonbar. Should be preceded with -- argument in order not to be confused with script own arguments.
-h, --help
Display help and exit.

I3 bar

Add the following to ~/.config/i3/config:

bar {
    status_command python /path/to/powerline/bindings/i3/
    font pango:PowerlineFont 12

where PowerlineFont is any system font with powerline support.