Shell segments{}, right_align=False, omit_cmdsubst=True)[source]

Display parser state.

  • omit_cmdsubst (bool) – Do not display cmdsubst parser state if it is the last one.
  • right_align (bool) – Align to the right.
  • renames (dict) – Rename states: {old_name : new_name}. If new_name is None then given state is not displayed.

Highlight groups used: continuation, continuation:current.'...', use_path_separator=False, dir_limit_depth=None, dir_shorten_len=None, use_shortened_path=True)

Return the current working directory.

Returns a segment list to create a breadcrumb-like effect.

  • dir_shorten_len (int) – shorten parent directory names to this length (e.g. /long/path/to/powerline/l/p/t/powerline)
  • dir_limit_depth (int) – limit directory depth to this number (e.g. /long/path/to/powerline⋯/to/powerline)
  • use_path_separator (bool) – Use path separator in place of soft divider.
  • use_shortened_path (bool) – Use path from shortened_path --renderer-arg argument. If this argument is present shorten_home argument is ignored.
  • shorten_home (bool) – Shorten home directory to ~.
  • ellipsis (str) – Specifies what to use in place of omitted directories. Use None to not show this subsegment at all.

Divider highlight group used: cwd:divider.

Highlight groups used: cwd:current_folder or cwd. It is recommended to define all highlight groups.[source]

Return the number of jobs.

Parameters:show_zero (bool) – If False (default) shows nothing if there are no jobs. Otherwise shows zero for no jobs.[source]

Return last pipe status.

Highlight groups used: exit_fail, exit_success[source]

Return last exit code.

Highlight groups used: exit_fail, override={u'vicmd': u'COMMND', u'viins': u'INSERT'})[source]

Return the current mode.

  • override (dict) – dict for overriding mode strings.
  • default (str) – If current mode is equal to this string then this segment will not get displayed. If not specified the value is taken from $POWERLINE_DEFAULT_MODE variable. This variable is set by zsh bindings for any mode that does not start from vi.